Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top 5 Most Important Birthday Parties

When it comes to birthday parties, we can sometimes feel like the whole celebration can get worn out. However, there are a select few birthday party ages tend to always rock the house:

5) Age 13
Every child looks forward to the day when they can graduate to the level of teenager! The thirteenth birthday tends to be a coming of age ceremony of sorts, which is emphasized greatly by the Jewish tradition of the "Bar Mitzvah!"

4) Age 40
Although a 40th birthday can be a tough thing to swallow for some people, the "over the hill" theme helps most people laugh it off and have a great time. Time to look back on Round 1 of life, and get ready for Round 2!

3) Age 1
It is true that the odds of the child actually remembering this party are quite slim, but who says its for them anyway... A childs 1st birthday is one of a parents most proud moments, when they can celebrate that they got through a whole year of doing the hardest job in the world!

2) Age 16
A young womans "Sweet 16" will live in her memory as one of the greatest days of her life. Everyone, everything, everywhere, all for her! Its the fairy tale night every girl dreams of. Oh yeah guys have 'em too...

1) Age 21
You guessed it, the 21st birthday makes the top of the list! There is no other birthday like it, from the freedom to the excessive celebration (often paired with alcohol use and Las Vegas), men and women alike party like rockstars on a night they will never forget... or never remember?

Did your favorite birthday party make the list?

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