Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Plan A Mother's Day Brunch

We all love our Mother's so it's time to show your mom she’s really special this year by throwing her a Mother’s Day brunch. Your Mom is sure to have a great day using these simple steps. It does take some planning, but the most important aspect is making sure your mother doesn’t lift a finger. 


Having the brunch at your home would be the most convenient place however, you may not live close to Mom. You might need to pick a venue that is closer to her or in the middle. Know approximately how many people you'll invite, and then hunt for the perfect party place. Check with friends and relatives with big houses or large yards to see if anyone would be willing to allow you use their space or locate an event hall. 


Either create your own invitations or buy them but make sure your guests know where to be and when. Consider sending out emails or making phone class to follow up on RSVPs. Knowing how many guest will be attending is crucial to the rest of your party planning.


Anything goes for this in-between meal that's usually scheduled later than breakfast but earlier than lunch. This means you can mix up dishes from both meals and get the best of both worlds. Don't forget to include Mom's favorite dish!


Mimosas are a favorite for brunch -- so you can toast to Mom. Make sure to have a variety of drinks for your guests. 

Must have!

Make sure your guests have everything they need to sit back and enjoy. Have enough plates, napkins, cups and silverware on hand for all your guests, and a few extra chairs.


If you're having a low-key party at home, you don't have to get too fancy. Make sure your house is clean, cover tables with pretty table covers, and set out some flowers to get the place looking festive. If you're using an event hall or party house, you may have to get a little more creative. Create centerpieces to tie all the tables together. These can be as simple as flowers in matching vases or balloon bouquets. You might even consider designing each centerpiece around a photo of Mom.

Fun Tip

Consider breakfast in bed. Serve Mom her favorite muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice on a tray. Don't forget to include her favorite magazine and flowers on the tray.

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